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Junior Achievement programs complement and enhance the school’s curriculum by providing a realistic and relevant view of the world beyond school. Our programs provide practical, engaging and informative activities that educate students about business and economics and help prepare them for fulfilling careers. Our programs are easily integrated into the school’s curriculum and help teachers meet state standards.

Each JA program is designed for a particular age group and introduces students to important concepts that increase their ability to succeed in the world around them. JA’s sequential and integrated kindergarten through twelfth grade programs help students use information, apply basic skills, think critically and solve complex problems.

Trained community volunteers deliver the curriculum and activities. Our volunteers challenge students to excel in school and make the activities come alive by sharing their personal experiences. Providing these positive adult role models, who illustrate ways to build self-confidence, develop skills and find avenues of success in our free enterprise system, is a hallmark of Junior Achievement.

And more importantly, our programs are fun. Whether they are building models, “manufacturing” donuts, starting a business, exploring careers, interviewing for jobs or competing with kids from around the world, JA connects with kids and reinforces that what they are learning in school is important.

Detailed Information about our programs by grade level are located in the sub menu to the left.

Our programs offer youth an authentic look at business and economic concepts, career exploration and workforce skills. They examine a wide variety of important concepts, including why it is essential to stay in school, how businesses operate in a free enterprise system, exploration of diverse career options, mastery of workforce skills and personal financial management.

From operating a real business to learning micro-economics, high school programs make economic concepts relevant, fuel the entrepreneurial spirit and challenge students to excel.

Junior Achievement of Lincoln

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