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Empowering young people to own their economic success.

Each school year, JA Lincoln mobilizes hundreds (more than 900 in 2016-2017 alone!) of dedicated, well-trained volunteers, ranging from CEO’s to college students, young professionals to retirees.  These volunteers serve as invaluable role models, helping students understand the important role that education plays in their future success.

After completing a training session and getting acquainted with the JA curriculum, volunteers commit to spending between 5 and 8 hours in a classroom, depending on the grade level. That’s right—only 5-8 hours! Exact schedules are worked out between the volunteer and their assigned teacher, but volunteers generally visit a classroom either one day a week on consecutive weeks, or on consecutive days. You pick the grade level you’d like to teach, you pick the school you’d like to visit, you pick the schedule. It’s that easy!

Getting up in front of a classroom full of students can sound intimidating, but time after time volunteers report back that they were shocked by just how much fun they had! And there’s no comparison to the feeling that you’ve made a genuine impact on the lives of students.

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