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Company Highlight – Sandhills Publishing

img_0662There are so many elements that go into allowing JA of Lincoln to succeed. To impact tens of thousands of students with a very small staff, we rely on an army of volunteers, educators, and organizations to support us every day. Thankfully, Lincoln is home to so many companies who are willing to step in and make a real difference in our community– and we want to make sure everyone knows about it! This month, we’re highlighting a company that is making a growing impact– Sandhills Publishing!

img_0663In the 2015-2016 school year, Sandhills Publishing had their biggest group of employee JA volunteers ever. 21 volunteers took the JA curriculum into 25 elementary and middle school classrooms all across Lincoln. Thanks to the generosity of Sandhills and these 21 caring individuals, 483 students in Lincoln’s public and parochial schools understand the importance of financial literacy, work readiness skills and entrepreneurship. That’s truly giving back to the community!

We are so thankful for Sandhills Publishing continued support in our mission!

If you would like your company to get involved and volunteer for JA, please contact Alison Gottsch-Walton at

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