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New Red Apple Society Inductees

appleThere are some very special people who we want you to know about!

Each year, JA of Lincoln receives requests from hundreds and hundreds of educators who want the JA experience in their classrooms. Our goal is always to make sure that every request is fulfilled– and that’s a big task! Thankfully, we have an army of volunteers who we can call on to make sure that every classroom gets a caring member of the local community to deliver the JA curriculum. Among that group of volunteers are special individuals who step up time and time again, and the Red Apple Society was created to recognize those wonderful people.

Once a volunteer has impacted 150 students or 6 classrooms, they are awarded the Red Apple. 58 amazing volunteers reached that level this year, and we are so grateful to each and every one of them! You can find all their names on our website.

For some very dedicated volunteers, the Red Apple just isn’t enough. Once an individual impacts 300 students or 12 classrooms, they’re awarded the Silver Apple. They each get a special delivery from JA staff at their workplaces, so all their coworkers know how amazing they are! Joining the Silver Apple ranks this year are 16 valued volunteers:

Silver Apple

Stacy Bechtel, Allstate
Steve Bechtel, Allstate
Jacque Hornung, Ameritas
Linda Myers, Ameritas
Mike Barry, Black Hills Energy
Dean Belka, Community Volunteer
Tim Schlegelmilch, Farmers Mutual
John Mabry, Food Bank of Lincoln
Pam Meyer, Hardhat Business Solutions, Inc.
Linda Larson, Lincoln Federal Savings Bank
Lucius Rippeteau, Lincoln Industries
Dan Vontz, Molex
Jamie Johnson, NMPP
Rick Self, State Farm Insurance
Jeremy Folkerts, TMCO
Tim McEwen, UBS Financial Services Inc.

Beyond the Silver Apple are the elite few volunteers who reach the amazing accomplishment of impacting 500 students or 20 classrooms, and 3 very special individuals achieved that status this year. They will be receiving awards at the annual JA awards luncheon, and they have our deepest gratitude and respect! Thanks and congratulations go to this year’s Gold Apple award winners:

Gold Apple

Steve Ford, Pepsi
Steve Fankhauser, Nelnet
Melanie Nebesniak, Lincoln Industries

The truth is clear and simple– our volunteers make our work possible. Without them, there is no Junior Achievement. Thank you to every 2015-2016 JA of Lincoln classroom volunteer!

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