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Lincoln Industries: Above and Beyond

LincolnIndustriesMainAs JA of Lincoln continues to grow by leaps and bounds each school year, we’re so grateful to have companies that we know we can always count on for support. We think you’d be hard pressed to find another community with more generous, community-minded corporate entities than Lincoln, and these companies are the reason we’re able to serve so many students and so many classrooms. We just can’t thank them enough– but that doesn’t stop us from trying!

One of JA of Lincoln’s longest-running and most consistent supporters has been Lincoln Industries. Not only does this generous company provide a large group of JA classroom volunteers, it also offers major support to our special event fundraisers. Lincoln Industries has grown to fill an entire bowling alley (24 lanes!) with teams for a portion of our annual JA of Lincoln Bowl-a-thon– that’s nearly 125 people raising funds for Junior Achievement! In addition, Lincoln Industries has always sponsored the annual JA Tailgate Dinner & Auction, and participated in the JA Golf Classic. New this year, Lincoln Industries was the Closing Bell Sponsor for the brand new JA Stock Market Challenge. The good people at Lincoln Industries are the very definition of standing by a commitment to the community, and we (and the students of Lincoln!) could not be more thankful for their support.

But Lincoln Industries goes beyond financial support of JA of Lincoln. They also allow us to benefit from their greatest resource– their wonderful employees. They help JA fill ALL classrooms at Belmont Elementary and also some classrooms at Hill Elementary with caring classroom volunteers. In the 2015-2016 school year alone, Lincoln Industries filled 45 classrooms with 36 volunteers.

Why does Lincoln Industries believe so deeply in Junior Achievement? Chairman and CEO Marc LeBaron put it like this: “I can’t think of anything more important in today’s world than an understanding of business. Junior Achievement plays an important role providing students with this knowledge. It helps students as they grow, get jobs, vote and raise families. I became involved with Junior Achievement 35 years ago and I still have people who were students thank me for volunteering. Since that time, hundreds of Lincoln Industries people have donated their time and talent to Junior Achievement. We have been successful because students understand that we don’t have to be there; we’re there because they want to be. Junior Achievement has been as rewarding to us as volunteers as the students who benefited from our instruction.”

Lincoln Industries Tom Hance says, “The people of Lincoln Industries take great pride in our long history with Junior Achievement. Teaching our youth the importance and positive influences of business is more important today than ever before. The staff and officers of JA make this possible through a flawless execution of the management and coordination of the classroom experience. Through our experiences as volunteer classroom teachers and by participation in fund-raising events, our lives have been enriched. It has been extremely rewarding to share our knowledge and passion for business with tomorrow’s leaders of our community.

Melanie2melanieOne of Lincoln Industries’s most dedicated JA volunteers is Melanie Nebesniak. She’s volunteered in more than a dozen classrooms and taught more than 300 students, earning her a spot in JA’s Silver Apple Society. She says volunteering for JA is her way of giving back. “The youngest students are probably the most fun. They are excited to learn everything they can about anything new. But what’s exciting is when you see the older students connect the dots and really understand how business works. When you see they get it, it’s something special.” Melanie goes on to say, “Junior Achievement helps young people learn and develop self esteem. I am fortunate to have three happy and healthy children. For me, volunteering is a great way to give back.”

Is your company ready to become part of the JA movement? We’d love to show you how simple it can be to get involved and have an impact on the future of our community! Contact Jessica at or (402) 467-4479.

Thank you to Lincoln Industries for being one of JA of Lincoln’s most steadfast friends and supporters! Because of you, we’re building a better future, one classroom at a time!

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