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Program Highlight: JA Company Program

JACompanyBecause we always want you to know exactly what you’re supporting when you invest your time in JA of Lincoln, we like to give you peeks inside the classroom to see just what our students are working on. The curriculum we provide receives regular updates, meaning that we can be sure our volunteers are always equipped with innovative and engaging lessons and programs. This month, we’re focusing on the JA Company Program.

The JA Company Program holds a special place in our hearts, given that it’s the program that the whole Junior Achievement organization was built on. In it, high school students learn concepts of economics and entrepreneurship by organizing and operating and actual business of their own design. Under the guidance of a volunteer from the local business community, they learn how businesses function and how they fit into the structure of the U.S free enterprise system. It’s typically a 13-week program.

Recently, the JA Company Program has been revamped into a Blended Model, meaning that volunteers go into the classroom and teach the lessons with an iPad instead of a kit. Then, the students form and run their businesses based on lessons they learn from interactive computer modules. The JA Volunteer is still crucial to the success of the business as they share their business knowledge and guide the student companies. This Fall, JA Company Programs are running at Lincoln North Star, Lincoln Northeast and Waverly High School.

We’re always looking for new volunteers who are willing to share their time and experience with our students! If the JA Company Program sounds like an area where you’d have knowledge and experience you’re willing to share, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Jessica at or (402) 467-4479.

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