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Wheelin’ and Dealin’ With JA


Are you ready to play the market?

Grab your savviest friends or coworkers and claim your rightful title as the smartest investors in Lincoln! The first-ever JA Stock Market Challenge is an action-packed competition pitting four-person teams against each other on the ‘trading floor.’ Each team will get $1,000,000 in mock stock and must buy and sell shares throughout the simulated 60-day trading period. But don’t ponder for too long– a new trading day starts every 80 seconds! Trades are reflected immediately on three large projection screens which track stock prices, show which teams are in the lead, and provide graphic depictions of stock performance. It’s guaranteed to be a night of furious trading and friendly competition!

Better still, your team’s participation also allows a high school team to experience the stock market at the afternoon portion of the event. Right now, we’re looking for sponsors at the $1,500 and $750 levels for adult teams. Gold Table $1,500 sponsors not only sponsor an adult team for the evening event, but also 3 high school student teams for the student event.

All the excitement will take place Tuesday, November 17th at Innovation Campus. Students from Lincoln and surrounding communities will be participating, and our goal is to have 60 student teams! To get in on the fun, click here for all the details on participation and sponsorship.

We’ll see you on the trading floor!

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