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JA Programs Receive Robust Updates

You’ve no doubt heard us mention the “cutting edge” curriculum that we equip our volunteers with when we send them into the classroom. To show you exactly what we mean, over the next few months we’re going to be giving you a glimpse into some of the JA programs that have recently received updates– we think you’ll be impressed with what our students are learning!

JA Ourselves-2015 Spring PreviewOur youngest students receive the “JA Ourselves” curriculum, which has recently been redeveloped to primarily focus on the pillar of Financial Literacy. Kindergartners learn the difference between a need and a want, and start thinking about how people decide how to spend their money. The curriculum fulfills state standard requirements in Social Studies, Economics, English Language Arts, and Mathematics. In the updated Kindergarten kit there nametags for students, a Junior Journal Minibook, two stories, and enhanced activities. The curriculum has new art and a fresh, modern design. As we’ve seen already, the littlest learners definitely respond!

For our 5th grade students, “JA Our Nation” is geared toward the pillar of Work Readiness with a focus on STEM careers and an added interactive computer game called STEMBOT. Students start to think like entrepreneurs, and consider the skills that are necessary for various careers. JA Our Nation meets state standards in Social Studies, Business & Careers, STEM, English Language Arts, and Mathematics. This program introduces students to the characteristics of a free market economy and how it supports business and careers. It also has updated graphics and design.

Stay tuned for more about the innovative updates to our curriculum! Of course, the very best way to experience it is to take it into the classroom yourself as a JA volunteer, and we invite you to become part of JA Lincoln today!

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