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NOW Is the Time to Volunteer


We need YOU!

The experience, enthusiasm, and generosity of our volunteers are the lifeblood of JA of Lincoln. You are the ones who carry our curriculum into classrooms, bringing it to life for thousands of Southeastern Nebraska students every day. We’re beyond grateful!

As we head into the home stretch of the school year, we need you more than ever. We still have a long list of classrooms that have requested a JA volunteer, and we want to make sure that every request is filled! We’re so thankful for the trust and support of the teachers who invite us in, and our goal is to never let them down. We know there’s a volunteer out there who can make a difference for every one of our students!

Would you consider finding only 5 hours in your schedule during April or May to make a difference in a Lincoln area classroom? As always, we’ll make it as easy as possible on you. We can match you with a school and classroom that work with your schedule, and we’ll make sure you’re armed with cutting-edge curriculum that will keep students engaged and make the most of your real-life business experience. In just 5 hours (either one hour a day for 5 consecutive days, or one hour a week for 5 consecutive weeks), you’ll make an impact that could last a lifetime!

So will you help us fill our April and May calendars? We promise you won’t regret it! Contact Tera at or (402) 467-1010 today!

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