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Get Casual With JA

Jeans_For_JA_LogoIt’s time once again to get casual for JA!

Jeans for JA is the simplest fundraiser we hold all year – and that’s probably why it’s so popular! Here’s how it works: You designate a day (one specific date) or a series of days (i.e. every Friday) in February as Jeans for JA days. Then you set a donation dollar amount (i.e. $5 or $10) that employees must give in exchange for the right to wear jeans to work on those days. That’s it! We’ll provide you with stickers to help promote the fundraiser and get everyone excited. It all takes very minimal work on your part, and uniting your employees behind a common cause is a great team-builder. And of course, the students in of Southeastern Nebraska are the big winners!

New this year, we’re adding a twist to help gear up for the Super Bowl! We’ve designated Friday, January 31st (that’s the Friday before the Super Bowl) as Jersey for JA Day! It works just like Jeans for JA, except that employees donate $5 to wear a jersey to work.

Sound good? Then get involved today! Contact Jessica at if your business is interested in participating in Jeans for JA or Jersey for JA!

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