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TMCO: Going Above and Beyond for JA

TMCO 2013 VisitIn so many ways, Junior Achievement is only as good as our volunteers. Even the best curriculum isn’t worth much without the passionate, generous people who give of their time and expertise on behalf of our students. Hopefully all our volunteers know how much we appreciate every single one of them!

There are some volunteers, however, who go above and beyond, giving with their whole hearts. JA board member and TMCO President Roland Temme is one of those special few.

Over the past several years, Roland has developed a unique and special partnership with Park Middle School, which is just across the street from TMCO. Under Roland’s leadership, TMCO employees brought the JA curriculum to 12 Park classrooms last year (more than half were taught by Roland himself!). His specialty is the 6th Grade “JA Global Marketplace” curriculum, which allows Roland to share stories of his travels all over the world. When the students are learning about currency from other countries and calculating exchange rates, Roland brings real money from the countries he’s visited to share with them. When they learn about immigration, Roland invites an employee who is a refugee from Burma to come share his experiences with the students. Each JA Global Marketplace session ends with a tour of TMCO, where each student is given a personalized “Dreamliner” that was created at TMCO at the end of their last JA session.

TMCO Visit 2013Roland says he sees his work with JA and Park Middle School as a way to give back to his community. “Hopefully, it’s something [the kids] can see that will help them become better students and see the connection to success in business. DREAM BIG, WORK HARD, & NEVER GIVE UP!”

It’s a lesson that Park teacher Joanne Catlett says is truly meaningful to her students. Not surprisingly, she’s delighted with what he has brought to her classroom. “Mr. Roland Temme brings learning alive through classroom activities and his first-hand knowledge using the JA’s curriculum on the Global Marketplace. The students are provided practical information about what makes international trade work and how it affects their daily lives. He uses the Dreamliner Airplane as his metaphor to the students’ lives as he accentuates the fact that each student can go anywhere and do anything in the world they choose. The recipe behind it, according to Mr. Temme is, “Make good choices and love what you do.” A valued lesson from a remarkable gentleman!”

We are so grateful for all that Roland does to support JA and Park Middle School. He is truly making an impact on the lives of students! He is a shining example of how each volunteer’s personal experiences and expertise are truly what makes the JA curriculum come alive.

From all of us at JA of Lincoln – thank you, Roland Temme!

For more information on becoming a JA volunteer and making an impact of your own, contact Chelsea at

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