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JA Teaches Career Success

JA2The start of the new school year brought with it the kick-off of an exciting new Junior Achievement program in Lincoln’s high schools! JA Career Success is a program specifically designed to introduce freshmen and sophomores to the skills they’ll need to get and keep jobs. Of course, because it’s a Junior Achievement program, it’s different than anything else the students are getting in their regular curriculum! Students prep for real-world situations, practice interview skills, learn about resumes and cover letters, and explore what it means to build their personal brands.

JA1Throughout September and October, JA Career Success is being integrated into the World of Business classes at Lincoln Southeast and Lincoln Southwest High Schools. At Southeast, business teacher Matt Maw says the program has been a great experience for his class. “I was wanting for students to learn business skills from business leaders themselves. I was looking for information on professionalism, soft skills and leadership – all of which this program has been able to assist with. Students are learning lifelong business skills and the business way of thinking. I hope that they will be able to apply the skills they learn through this program to situations in their personal lives, whether school, work or any experience.”

As always, programs like this one only work because of the work and generosity of our wonderful volunteers from the business community, as well as innovative teachers like Mr. Maw who invite us into their classrooms. Thank you for your commitment to the future success of Lincoln’s students!

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