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JA Lincoln Wins Silver Summit Award

It really was a great year for JA of Lincoln at this year’s JA National Conference! Not only did we pick up the MetLife “Sowing the Seeds of Entrepreneurship” $10,000 Grant, we were also honored with the Silver Summit Award!

Here’s how JA USA describes that award:

“JA USA recognizes US Areas annually for their excellence at the local operational level. This award is presented to those JA Areas that meet the criteria in the categories of financial solvency, program quality, management effectiveness and program growth. As an organization, JA understands that its effectiveness depends on how well JA Areas deliver the organization's economic education programs to their local communities.”

Well, color us flattered! It’s always nice to have your work recognized, but we know that the real payoff comes in the lives of the students we reach every day. Thank you to JA USA, and to the volunteers and supporters who support us throughout the year!

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