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Bank on Youth Going Strong

Along with our generous friends at State Farm, JA of Lincoln has been Banking on Youth for two years now through a program aimed specifically at Lincoln’s kindergartners. This program is a true Lincoln original, developed and implemented right here at home! Last year’s pilot program was a huge success (read about it here), and this year is even bigger and better. Even more kindergarten classes are working together to save for a goal, and in the process are learning life lessons about teamwork, goal-setting, and delayed gratification.

Here are updates from two of our participating teachers. We wanted to pass along some of their enthusiasm about a program that’s making a real difference for Lincoln’s youngest students!

“The concept of money is always a tricky one for Kindergartners, but the Junior Achievement Bank on Youth program gave the students a real opportunity to learn about saving! The class was a buzz when I introduced the idea of saving money as students made lists, drew pictures and talked about the things they thought we needed and wanted for our classroom.After a little teacher encouragement towards saving for a want, the class decided they would save for new games. Parents supported our goal by having their child earn money by helping out at home and nearly every day students would bring money they had earned by helping Mom or Dad. The most exciting day was when we reached our goal amount as students cheered and jumped out of their seats with excitement! This is when I learned that Bank on Youth not only taught about saving money but also about setting and achieving goals. These lessons will be sure to stick with the students as they’ll remember “that time in Kindergarten” they bought new games.”
— Karen Vontz, Clinton Elementary School

“Our students at Kahoa are having fun earning money and saving to buy Kindle Fires for our classroom to replace the 13 year old computers that we currently have. They are doing jobs at home, behaving well at school and staying in the green on the behavior chart, and are going to be selling pictures of them as bookmarks to their family members. Thanks for all you do to support our schools!”
— Kristine Wendelin, Kahoa Elementary

Of course, the excitement isn’t over yet. Stay tuned for the big payoff at the end of the school year, when State Farm starts giving back some big rewards to the hardest working classes!

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