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Operation: Bright Future

We have some pretty amazing news!

Recently, JA of Lincoln was approached by a very generous person with a very big challenge. This person believes deeply in the JA mission of empowering young people to own their economic success, and wants to see JA of Lincoln continue to flourish long into the future. So this person – who is choosing to remain anonymous – gave us a goal. They challenged us to embark on an unprecedented fundraising campaign. We have to raise money like never before, mobilizing all of the corporate and individual friends who have supported us over the years. And if we can do it, the payoff will be big.


If we can meet an ambitious fundraising goal, then this anonymous donor will give $100,000 to the JA Endowment, which will be critical in keeping our organization financially stable for years to come. In essence, it will allow us to practice what we preach – to build the kind of strong financial base that ensures security regardless of changing economic conditions. It’s what we teach our students every day. Hard work and sound investment today translates into a better tomorrow.

We’re embarking on Operation: Bright Future knowing that meeting our goal is very possible, because JA of Lincoln has a truly amazing network of friends and supporters. So today, we’re coming to you, asking that you think of the future – of our students and our organization. You’ve come through for us in the past, and we know we can count on you now. Any and all financial gifts will help us get closer to the goal that will ensure the single largest donation in the history of JA of Lincoln. We hope that’s something you’ll want to be a part of.

On behalf of JA of Lincoln and all the students we serve, we thank you in advance for your contribution.

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