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Resolve to Make a Difference

It’s the annual debate – to make a New Year’s resolution or not to make a New Year’s resolution? Will it make a difference? Will you actually follow through, or will you just end up with another expensive gym membership that you’re too guilty to cancel?

This year, we have a better option for you. What if you could make a New Year’s resolution that was fun, easy, fulfilling, and actually made a difference in the lives of children? What if it had a concrete start and end date (no more vague goals for you!) that worked with your schedule? You’d be totally on board, right? Then listen up!

Why not resolve to become a volunteer for Junior Achievement of Lincoln? In as few as 5 hours of your time, you’ll do something meaningful for the future of your community. We’ll give you the curriculum and match you with a school, grade level, and teacher, and you’ll lend your experience, enthusiasm, and expertise to a classroom full of students who are happy to see you. Resolution accomplished!

But why wait until 2013 to get started? Contact Kelly Pargett right now at (402) 467-1741 or and tell her you’d like to be a JA volunteer. She’ll get you all set up with a classroom, and just like that you’ll be well on your way to fulfilling your resolution, all before the ball even drops on New Year’s Eve. That, friends, is one heck of an efficient start to the new year!

If you’re already a JA volunteer, why not resolve to pick up an extra class? Or better yet, share your JA experience with a friend or colleague and encourage them to become a volunteer too!

Here’s to a happy and productive 2013!

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