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Lincoln Chosen as Pilot City for New JA Program

At JA of Lincoln, we’re always looking for new ways to deliver our message of financial literacy and responsibility to Lincoln’s students. So when JA USA selected Lincoln to be one of the pilot cities to try out the new Finance Park Virtual program, we jumped at the chance!

Last month, we ran the program at 3 schools – Park and Scott Middle Schools and the Entrepreneurship Focus Program. The curriculum, which was taught both by the classroom teacher and a JA volunteer, focused on personal financial planning and career exploration. Students delved into all the stuff you wish someone had taught you before you figured it out the hard way – debit vs. credit, interest rates and investing, how taxes work and why your first paycheck will be smaller than you’re expecting. Then, they had the opportunity to put everything they had learned to the test in a computer simulation that asked them to create a family budget given various hypothetical situations to see how it all played out. Oftentimes, they were in for a rude awakening!

Now that the pilot program has concluded, we’re evaluating whether we’d like to expand it to more schools next year. If all goes well, you just might find Finance Park in a classroom near you!

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