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JA Scholarship Profile: Scott Luedtke

The end of the schools year is obviously an especially exciting time for high school seniors. There are awards and ceremonies, proms and banquets, goodbyes to high school and hopes for the future. At JA of Lincoln, we love that we get to make that time even more exciting for some of Lincoln’s top students through our annual presentation of scholarships. All alumni of JA programs are invited to apply, and we look for the best of the best – and we’re never disappointed. The students who apply for our scholarships have truly impressive combinations great grades, extracurricular activities, community involvement, and dreams for the future. It’s all enough to make someone feel pretty good about the future of our community, and we wanted to share that inspiration with you. That’s why this year, we’ve chosen to introduce you to our scholarship winners one by one. We finish today with Scott Luedtke of Lincoln Southwest High School, winner of the $500 John Ballew Memorial Scholarship.

Randy Bretz and Scott Luedtke

As with all of our winners, Scott initially impressed us with his accomplishments – a 3.95 GPA, 4 years of football, volunteer hours for both his school and the Food Bank of Lincoln, and work experience while still in high school. As an alumni of JA’s Business Ethics, Titan, and Entrepreneurship programs, however, what really stood out about Scott was his grasp of the JA concepts and message. In his personal essay, he detailed the importance of honesty and ethics in business dealings. He wrote about how critical it is to find a career you can be passionate about and want to grow in. Finally, he demonstrated a real grasp of why a solid business plan with a true vision is so vital to success as an entrepreneur. A JA of Lincoln, we always hope that our messages are really making an impact on how students think about the business world – and in Scott’s case, it is clear that they have. We wish him all the best as he begins his college career at UNL, and we know that big things await him in his future career!

Congratulations again to all of our 2012 scholarship winners! Take what you have learned and shape a future that we can all be proud of!

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