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Remigio Grants Take the JA Message Outside the Classroom

If you think back on your own time in school, chances are that some of your most vivid memories are of lessons learned outside of the classroom. As students, it’s those chances to see how what you’re learning applies in the outside world that really stick with you.

That’s what the Remigio Grants are all about. Every year, JA awards Remigio Teaching Excellence Grants to teachers who love the JA message and want to expand on it by taking it outside of the classroom. And every year, we love finding out what the amazing Lincoln-area teachers come up with!

Well, the wait is over. We’re so pleased to be able to announce the 2011 Remigio Teaching Excellence Grant Winners!

Joann Herrington

1st grade teacher Joann Herrington from Belmont Elementary received $500 to take her students on a field trip to two local businesses: Super Saver Grocery Store and Belmont Chiropractic. In addition, Joann has created activity books for students to take home that provide them information on topics such as the Belmont neighborhood, the history of Belmont school, local businesses in students’ neighborhoods, and keeping Belmont and their neighborhood a good place to live.

Jen Cunningham

2nd grade teacher Jen Cunningham from Kooser Elementary received $300 in order to take her students on a spring field trip to the city landfill. Prior to the trip, her students participate in a recycling unit in addition to the Junior Achievement curriculum. After their field trip, students discuss “green” jobs for their future.

Sandy Dorn

4th grade teacher Sandy Dorn from Meadow Lane Elementary received $175 to take her students on a field trip to visit the class’s pen pal on Erma McGill’s farm. For thirteen years, Sandy’s students have written to the family’s ranch, and will now be able to visit the farm this spring. Students gain knowledge of family heritage and community traditions, how food moves throughout a community, and cooperation between rural and urban communities.

Carolyn Doleza

4th grade teacher Carolyn Dolezal from St. Peter’s Catholic school received $175 to take her students on a field trip to their Ag pen pal farm family in Crete, NE. Students will see first hand how food gets to the grocery store and their tables every night. In addition, the teachings of Jesus and his parables will be incorporated into the lessons of the field trip.

Congratulations to all of our 2011 winners, and thank you for all you do to help the JA message come alive for your students!

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