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What’s Your Resolution?

With the new school year less than two weeks away, it’s time to make your New Year’s Resolutions!

Here at JA, we believe that a new school year is just as good a time to make resolutions as the start of a calendar year. Even when we’re far past our own school days, we still have a responsibility to make sure today’s students are getting the most out of their time in the classroom.

This school year, how will you support education? What example will you set for your kids? How will you contribute to the next generation of Lincoln leaders?

There’s a simple, effective, fun answer to all of these questions – become a volunteer for Junior Achievement! Give just 5 hours a year, and we’ll show you how big a difference you can make. You’ll get to share your expertise and experience with Lincoln’s students, contribute to their success, and show them that their community cares about their education. Our JA staff will work hard to match you with a school, grade, and time slot that works best for you. It’s almost as exciting as if you were heading back to school yourself. If it helps, you can even buy yourself a new backpack and some freshly sharpened pencils.

For more information on volunteering in a Lincoln classroom in the new school year, contact Kelly Pargett at or (402) 467-1741.

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